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Upper School Daily Schedule

Rumsey Hall – Upper School Daily Schedule

시간 내용
07:00 아침식사
07:35 기숙사 점검
Each dorm parent supervises the students making their beds and cleaning their rooms.
08:00 아침 미팅
Each morning, before the school day begins,
students and faculty gather for announcements, captain's reports from games,
and the traditional opening of each day. At Rumsey it's important that we start the day together.
08:30 ~ 09:10 1교시
09:13 ~ 09:53 2교시
09:56 ~ 10:36 3교시
10:36 ~ 10:50 휴식시간
This is a break between 3rd and 4th periods when students have the opportunity to be outside,
get cookies from our daily cookie line and just enjoy each others company.
10:55 ~ 11:35 4교시
11:38 ~ 12:18 5교시
12:23 ~ 13:03 6교시 / 이른 점심식사
Family style meals with assigned seats
13:08 ~ 13:48 7교시 / 늦은 점심식사
Family style meals with assigned seats
13:55 ~ 14:35 개별수업
This special class period built into the schedule provides time for teachers to offer students individualized extra
help or extra challenge. Though students may voluntarily attend these sessions,
it is the teacher's responsibility to notify students when attendance is required.
Depending on their status in the Effort System, students not called in for extra help/challenge may have
free time or must attend a proctored study hall.
15:00 ~ 16:30 체육활동
This is an opportunity for students to participate in a variety of activities that range from
competitive team sports to a medley of other activities.
16:30 샤워
17:00 ~18:00 개인활동
Quiet time in the vicinity of the dorm after a busy day provides an opportunity for students
to either relax inside their dorm or play outside with their peers.
18:00 ~ 18:45 저녁식사
All meals are family style with assigned seats.
19:00 ~ 20:30 공부시간
This is a quiet hour and a half study hall monitored by either dorm parents within their dorm or by
different faculty or other administrators within the main study hall.
21:00 ~ 22:00 소등
Depending on each dorm.